Thank you for your interest in attending a meeting or workshop with MARAC! Answers to common registration questions can be found below. If you have other questions or need assistance registering, please contact the MARAC Administrator at [email protected]


Who should attend?
Whether you are just starting out and want to get your toes wet or a seasoned professional, MARAC has something for you! Attendees come during all stages of their careers - from students and new professionals to veterans and those mid-career - who hail from a wide range of repositories and records management programs and allied professionals such as state/town clerks and museum professionalsAttend a workshop or meeting; join us and become part of become part of our thriving community!

How do I register to attend a meeting?
You can find the link to meeting information and the online registration form on MARAC’s homepage. Follow the prompts to register online.  You can pay online immediately with a credit card or request an invoice to be emailed to you for payment later.

What does it cost to attend a MARAC meeting?
Registration rates vary slightly with every meeting or workshop. Early-bird registration rates for members for recent meetings have ranged from $120 to $160. Workshops, meals, and other registration tiers may add to registration costs, but are purchased a la carte. Please refer to the individual event page for costs or email the MARAC Administrator at [email protected].  

I'd like to only attend a workshop at the meeting, do I still have to pay the full registration fee? 
You may register for a workshop without paying the full meeting registration fee. In the form, under registration type, choose "Workshop Only" and then select the workshop in the next section. You will be billed only for the workshop.

Can I register on-site?
Certainly! However, we strongly recommend that you register beforehand as our early-bird and regular pre-registration fees are lower than our on-site rates.

I am a member - do I have to do anything special to register?
No, when you log in to the registration form, it will automatically give you the discounted member rate. If your membership has lapsed, the registration form will give you the option to renew at the same time as registering with one easy payment. If you need help with your username or password, contact the MARAC Administrator at [email protected] for assistance.

I am not a member - can I attend the meeting/workshop?
Absolutely! Non-members are welcome to register for all MARAC meetings and workshops. The online registration form will automatically give you non-member pricing. The discounted rates for students and Saturday only attendance are the same for both members and non-members. If you are not a member and are planning to register for a meeting or workshop, please consider joining MARAC. Membership provides significant cost savings on events throughout the year. Learn more and consider joining us.

I am a student, can I attend at a reduced rate?
Yes, student participants are eligible to register at the student rate that is about 50% of the individual member rate. Please refer to the individual event page for costs or contact the MARAC Administrator at [email protected].

If you are not a student member and are planning to register for a meeting or workshop, please consider joining MARAC. Membership provides significant cost savings on events throughout the year. Learn more and consider joining us.

Someone else in my organization is responsible for issuing the payment for my registration. What should I do to obtain an invoice for them?
In the registration form, include the person’s email address as a secondary email for the invoice and then on the payment screen, request an invoice to pay later. They will receive an email with the invoice and can pay it online through a link in the message or print it to mail with check payment.

Several people from my organization are registering and our administrator would like to make one group payment. How should this work?
Each person should register individually and on the payment screen request an invoice to pay later. Your adminstrator should sent the list of participants' names to the MARAC Adminstrator at [email protected]. After everyone has registered, the MARAC Administrator will send a group invoice to your administrator for payment.

Our administrator will be using their credit card to pay for my invoice. What should they enter on the payment screen?  The person responsible for payment should enter the name and address which is associated with the credit card on the payment screen. It is okay if they are different from the person registering for event; it will not cause any confusion.

My employer will pay for my registration fee and I will pay for meals and tours - can we be billed separately?
Absolutely! First, register online only for items that will be paid by your employer. On the payment screen, select "Invoice Me" and "Pay later." An invoice will be emailed that can be paid by your employer either online using the link in the email or by check. Second, contact the MARAC Administrator at [email protected] and list the additional items for which you will pay personally. The Administrator will update your registration and email you a separate invoice only for the additional items.

My employer is authorized to pay for food costs only when they constitute a non-severable portion of the registration fee. Are the food costs billed as part of the overall registration fee?
The snack breaks, Friday continental breakfast, and reception are non-severable food costs that are billed as part of the overall registration fee for the meeting. The Friday luncheon and Saturday breakfast, however, are optional and itemized as separate charges. If you need an separate invoice to pay for the optional meals, contact the MARAC Administrator at [email protected] and list the additional items for which you will pay personally. The Administrator will update your registration and email you an invoice for the additional items.

I've already registered and would like to add an item to my registration - what should I do?
Contact the MARAC Administrator at [email protected] and list the item that you would like to add to your registration. The Administrator will update your registration and email you an invoice for the new item.

I have questions about disability access or accommodations for the meeting - who do I contact?
MARAC works to make sure your experience will be a pleasant and accessible one, in keeping with our commitment to inclusion and diversity. If you have questions or concerns about accessibility and accommodations at an event or during the registration process, please contact MARAC’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair at [email protected]. MARAC strives to make meetings accessible, but we do better when specific accommodations are requested.

I have a food allergy/dietary restriction - who should I contact?
Information on your dietary needs will be collected through the event registration form. If you have questions or need further assistance, contact the MARAC Administrator at [email protected] 

I am experiencing financial hardship - can you help?
Yes, MARAC offers a number of scholarship opportunities as a benefit to our members to help defray the cost of professional development. For individual attendees, we offer several conference scholarships. For meeting sessions that focus on issues of Diversity and Inclusion, we offer the MARAC Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship.

I have applied for a scholarship - how should I register?

  • Individual scholarships: Register online early in order to receive the early-bird rate, but do not pay, simply request an invoice to pay later. Anyone who is awarded a meeting and travel assistance scholarship will be notified by the Scholarship Committee. The MARAC Treasurer will credit your registration for the amount awarded. If the registration has already been paid, the Treasurer will issue a refund via credit card or check as appropriate.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Session Scholarship: Register online early in order to receive the early-bird rate, but do not pay, simply request an invoice to pay later. Recipients will be notified by the Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair. The MARAC Treasurer will contact you and your fellow presenters to discuss how funds should be distributed, and will process payments or reimbursements as necessary. Please contact the MARAC Treasurer at [email protected] if you need assistance.

Who should I contact to cancel my registration?
Contact the MARAC Administrator at [email protected]

What is MARAC's Cancellation/Refund Policy?
For cancellations made by registrants up to 14 days prior to the conference, MARAC will issue a refund minus a $5 administrative fee for cancellations valued at $50 or more. For cancellations on items priced less than $50, no administrative fee will be assessed. This fee does not apply to events cancelled by MARAC. Registrations cancelled due to violations of the Code of Conduct are subject to the cancellation fee. Exceptions to the cancellation policy can be made at the discretion of the Workshop Coordinator or Local Arrangements Committee Co-chairs.

Can I send a colleague if I can’t make it?
If you are unable to attend a meeting or workshop for which you registered but a colleague can attend instead, you may request a substitution from the MARAC Administrator at [email protected] and send them in your stead. 

I had to cancel my registration, how will I get my refund?
All refunds are made via the means in which they were originally paid and typically processed within a week of notification. Credit card refunds will be issued to the card used for payment; checks will be issued and mailed to the name and address on file in MARAC’s database. If you need the check made out to your institution or mailed to a different address, please contact the MARAC Administrator at [email protected].

What forms of payment do you accept?
MARAC accepts payment via MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or check. If your institution must pay through a different method, contact the MARAC Administrator at [email protected]. The registration form will generate an invoice that will be emailed to the registrant. It can be paid online through a link in the message or printed and mailed with a check made payable to MARAC, to the attention of MARAC Administrator, Dickinson College, PO Box 1773, Carlisle PA 17013.

Will I receive a registration confirmation?
Yes. You will receive an email confirmation after completing your registration. If you request an invoice to pay later, you will receive the invoice in a separate email from your registration confirmation.

I registered online, but my information has changed - how do I update my registration?
Please notify the MARAC Administrator at [email protected]

How do I complete registration and payment for my department’s staff?
Have them register individually using the online registration form. At the payment screen , they should select “Invoice Me” and “Pay Later.” This will send an invoice containing a link to pay online to the email entered in the registration form. This can then be forwarded to the appropriate individual for payment.  If you have several staff attending and must have a single invoice for all of them, contact the MARAC Administrator at [email protected] for procedures. 


I am presenting at the meeting - do I need to register?
No, if you plan to only present your session and then leave, you do not need to register. However, if you plan to attend conference activities beyond the session that you are presenting, MARAC requests that you register.  If you are not a member, you will automatically receive member pricing as a benefit to presenting. Make sure to register prior to the expiration of the early-bird rate to receive the best pricing.

I am not a member, but I’m presenting at the meeting - how do I register?
Register online using the form link that is available on MARAC’s homepage and the specific conference web page. A special presenter registration category at member rates will be available on the registration form. Make sure to register prior to the expiration of the early-bird rate to receive the best pricing.

Can I exhibit at your meeting?
Yes. MARAC offers vendors and individuals representing companies, products, and services dedicated space during our meetings. Our diverse membership provides an excellent opportunity to promote new ideas, products, and opportunities. For more information on exhibiting at our meetings, please contact the MARAC Vendor Coordinator, Nick Zmijewski, at [email protected].

I am unable to staff a table at your meeting, but would love to promote my products/services - what other vendor options do you offer?
MARAC offers vendors and individuals representing companies, products, and services a variety of promotional opportunities including advertising in the meeting program and meeting sponsorships. For more information, please contact the MARAC Vendor Coordinator, Nick Zmijewski, at [email protected].

I am a vendor - how do I sign up for a table at the meeting?
Vendors register to attend MARAC events in a different manner than attendees.  Arrangements with vendors are handled exclusively by the MARAC Vendor Coordinator, Nick Zmijewski, at [email protected]. If you are unable to attend, the Vendor Coordinator can offer strategies to otherwise promote products and services to attendees.

Does MARAC permit vendors to present at meetings?
In an effort to eliminate any conflict of interest while providing optimal educational opportunities, vendors may present at a conference or meeting only as an invited guest on a panel, discussion group, or other programmatic component. Vendors must disclose their employment and must attempt to differentiate between educational content and advertising content.

In the case where a vendor is also a member of MARAC, that individual may not abuse the privileges of being a member. Vendors are prohibited from using the membership database, which they have access to as a member, to advertise their company, product, or services.


Does MARAC have a code of conduct for its events?
Yes, it can be found at MARAC Code of Conduct

I’ve already registered - why do I need to check in?
Attendees must wear a name badge while attending conference events. We ask that all attendees check in at the registration desk so we can give you a name badge and answer any questions you might have. Checking in also allows us to positively confirm your attendance, which provides data allowing us to build better meetings in the future.

I’m here! When does the registration desk open so I can check in?
Registration typically will be open Wednesday evening from 6-8 pm and every day opening an hour prior to the start of the first event. For specific times, please see the online schedule on the meeting page.

Where do I collect my name tag?
You will be able to collect your name tag when you check in at the registration desk. The open hours and location of the registration desk varies by meeting so please check the meeting page on our website for detailed information.

Can I get a copy of the meeting attendee list?
Yes, you will receive an email with the list of registrants within the week prior to the meeting and also a final list of attendees after the meeting.

What support does MARAC provide for nursing mothers at workshops and meetings?
For the past few years, we have been pleased to offer a lactation room at our meetings for mothers who prefer to breastfeed or pump in private. Please review the online schedule provided closer to the meeting date for the room location.

Will MARAC continue to provide gender neutral bathrooms at meetings?
Yes, MARAC supports inclusion and diversity as core values in achieving its mission, and we are committed to building and maintaining an inclusive environment where differences of opinion, beliefs, and values are sought, listened to, respected, and valued; including gender expression. We practice this value by creating welcoming and inclusive spaces at our meetings. Bathroom facilities that are physically accessible (ADA compliant) and open to people of any gender are just one of the ways in which we show full welcome and inclusion to our constituents.  

I can’t make it to the meeting/workshop. Will slides and handouts be released?
Materials from the meetings are generally made available, with the permission of the presenter, through MARAC’s Archives at the Digital Repository at the University of Maryland. Contributions are voluntary and ongoing, so check occasionally for newly uploaded material.

Materials from workshops are generally only made available to attendees. Please contact the MARAC Workshop Coordinator, Elizabeth Wilkinson at [email protected] with any questions.

Can I follow the meeting via Twitter?
Absolutely. The MARAC Twitter handle is @MARACtweets Meeting and session hashtags are posted on the meeting webpage and in the digital program.

I registered as a non-member but the meeting was so great I want to join - can I get a membership onsite?
That’s great to hear! You can join or renew a lapsed membership at the registration table during meetings or you can always join or renew online at your convenience.

I decided to bring a friend/family/partner to the meeting - can they attend the Friday evening reception?
We encourage attendees to enjoy the wonderful cities that host our events. Guests are welcome to attend the evening reception. However, we do ask that attendees purchase a guest ticket in order to keep costs down for our membership. Tickets are available online when registering or may be purchased onsite at the registration table.

I don’t remember signing up for anything - how did all the vendors get my email?
MARAC shares contact information (name and email address) of attendees with the vendors who sponsored those meetings.