MARAC Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is one of the standing committees of MARAC.

Mission and Goals
The Membership Development Committee shall work on programs to recruit and retain members, develop membership benefits, prepare a member application, review procedures for the collection of annual dues, oversee the maintenance and distribution of mailing lists, and assist the Secretary on special projects.

The Membership Development Committee consists of up to nine members. The MARAC Secretary and Administrator automatically serve on the Committee. The MARAC Chair-elect appoints all other members of the committee, and these members shall serve two-year staggered terms and may be reappointed for a second term.


Contact the Membership Committee chair by emailing [email protected]


Member Term Ends
Sara Borden, Co-Chair Spring 2019
Sierra Green Fall 2019
Cara Griggs Spring 2019
Sheridan Sayles Spring 2019
Yukako Tatsumi Spring 2020
Theresa Altieri Spring 2020
Helice Koffler Spring 2019
Jennie Knies, MARAC Secretary ex-officio
Sara Predmore, MARAC Administrator ex-officio



last revised August 2018