Web Team

The Web Team was established by the Chair in Fall 2015 to manage the website and provide technical support to the Administrator.

Mission and Goals

The primary purpose of the Web Team is to manage the website.


The Web Team is responsible for:

  • Managing and updating the website
  • Performing backend maintenance for the website and membership database
  • Providing technical support for elections and surveys
  • Providing support for online conference programs through the Guidebook application

Contact Us

Contact the Web Team or place a work request by emailing [email protected].


The Web Team consists of two to four members. Members are appointed to two-year terms by the Chair-elect.

Member Term Ends
Don Sailer, Co-Chair Spring 2020
Liz Caringola, Co-Chair Spring 2020
Anastasia Matijkiw Spring 2020
Laura Montgomery Winter (Dec 2019/Jan 2020)


Last revised August 5, 2018