Previous Conferences

Conference programs from 1972 through 2014 are available online via the Internet Archive. Presentations from previous conferences can be found at the Digital Repository at the University of Maryland (DRUM).   Recordings from recent conferences are available on MARAC's YouTube channel.

List of conferences:










Spring Symposium - Philadelphia, PA
April 8, 2024

Symposium Program

Planning Committee: Diversity and Inclusion Committee [email protected]


Fall Conference - Saratoga Springs, NY
October 19-21, 2023

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Committee Chair: Brian Keough (University at Albany), [email protected]

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Amanda May (Library of Congress) and Josette Schluter (National Archives and Records Administration)

Spring 2023 - Virtual
April 26-28, 2023

Conference Program

Virtual Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs: Deb Schiff (The College of New Jersey) and John Zarrillo (Georgetown University), [email protected]

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Kerri Anne Burke (Citi), [email protected], and Tara Maharjan (New Jersey State Archive), [email protected]


Fall 2022 - 50th Anniversary Meeting College Park

When: October 19-22, 2022
Where: College Park, MD
Hotel: College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center
Room Rate: $179

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs: Becky Collier (National Archives and Records Administration), [email protected], and Mark Coulbourne (University of Maryland), [email protected]

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Sharmila Bhatia (National Archives and Records Administration), [email protected], and Danna Bell (Library of Congress), [email protected] 

Spring 2022 - Harrisonburg, VA

When: March 24-26, 2022
Where: Harrisonburg, VA
Hotel: Hotel Madison & Shenandoah Valley Conference Center
Room Rate: $139

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs: Kayla Heslin (University of Pittsburg), [email protected]Ali Zawoyski (College of William & Mary), [email protected] and Mary Mannix (Frederick County Public Libraries), [email protected] 

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Sheridan Sayles (Seton Hall University), [email protected] and Tyler Stump (Pennsylvania State Archives), [email protected] 


Fall 2021 - Gettysburg, PA

When: October 7-9, 2021
Where: Gettysburg, PA
Hotel: The Wyndham Gettysburg
Room Rate: $149

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs: Cindy Bendroth (Pennsylvania State Archives),  [email protected]  and Scott Keefer (Daughters of Charity), [email protected]

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Rachel Grove Rohrbaugh (Elizabethtown College), [email protected] and Joy Scherry (Delaware State University), [email protected]

Spring 2021 - Virtual
April 12-16, 2021

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs: John Zarillo (Georgetown University) [email protected] and Deb Schiff (The College of New Jersey)

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Novara (Library of Congress) [email protected] and Vincent Novara (Library of Congress) [email protected] 


Fall 2020 - Long Branch (Cancelled due to COVID-19)

When: October 22-24, 2020
Where: Long Branch, NJ
Hotel: Ocean Place Resort & Spa
Room Rate: $185

Conference Program - Not available, Conference cancelled prior to publishing

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs: Tara Maharjan (Rutgers University)  [email protected] and Melissa Ziobro (Monmouth University) [email protected] 

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Don Cornelius (New Jersey State Archives) [email protected] and Alan Delozier (Seton Hall University) [email protected]

Spring 2020 - Harrisonburg (Cancelled due to COVID-19)

When: April 16-18, 2020
Where: Harrisonburg, VA 
Hotel:  Hotel Madison & Shenandoah Valley Conference Center
Room rate: $139

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Co-Chairs: Tiffany Cole (James Madison University) [email protected], Kate Morris (James Madison University) [email protected], and Sarah Roth-Mullet (James Madison University) [email protected]

Program Co-Chairs:  Elizabeth Novara (Library of Congress) [email protected] and Vincent Novara (Library of Congress) [email protected]


Fall 2019 - Cambridge

When: November 7-9, 2019
Where: Cambridge, MD
Hotel: Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa and Marina
Room rate: $189

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Co-Chairs: Tara Wink (University of Maryland, Baltimore)  [email protected], and Lindsey Loeper (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) [email protected]

Program Co-Chairs: John LeGloahec (National Archives) [email protected], and Julia Corrin (Carnegie Mellon University) [email protected]


Spring 2019 - Morgantown

When: April 11-13, 2019
Where: Morgantown, WV
Hotel: Morgantown Marriott at Waterfront Place
Room rate: $164-$174

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Co-Chairs:  Lori Hostuttler (West Virginia University) [email protected], Danielle Emerling (West Virginia University) [email protected], and Jane LaBarbara (West Virginia University) [email protected]

Program Co-Chairs: Marie Elia (University at Buffalo) [email protected] and Liz Scott (East Stroudsburg University) [email protected]


Fall 2018 - Wilmington

WhenWhere: Wilmington, DE
Hotel: Hotel DuPont
Room rate: $169

Conference Program

Local Arrangements and Program Co-Chairs: Emily Cottle, CA (Vanguard), Sarah Denison, CA (Delaware Public Archives), Kate Fair (Vanguard), and Maegan Peterman (Delaware Public Archives) ([email protected]

Spring 2018 - Hershey

When: April 12-14, 2018
Where: Hershey, PA
Hotel: Hershey Lodge
Room rate: $189

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs: Pam Whitenack (Hershey Community Archives) [email protected] and Tara Wink (University of Maryland, Baltimore) [email protected]

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Deirdre Joyce (Syracuse University) [email protected] and Jessica Wagner Webster (Baruch College, City University of New York [email protected]


Fall 2017 - Buffalo

When: October 26-28, 2017
Where:  Buffalo, NY
Hotel: Buffalo Hyatt Regency and Conference Center
Room rate:  $159

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs: Jim Tammaro (University at Buffalo) [email protected] and Amy Miller (Buffalo History Museum) [email protected]

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Cindy Bendroth (Pennsylvania State Archives) [email protected] and Bonnie Weddle (New York State Archives) [email protected]


Spring 2017 - Newark

When: April 20-22, 2017
Where: Newark, NJ
Hotel: Best Western Robert Treat Hotel
Room rate: $125

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Committee Tri-Chairs: Don Cornelius (New Jersey State Archives) [email protected], Laura Poll (Trenton Free Public Library) [email protected], and Elizabeth Surles (Institute of Jazz Studies) [email protected]

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Jennie Levine Knies (Penn State Wilkes-Barre) [email protected] and Dale Patterson (United Methodist Church Archives) [email protected]


Fall 2016 - Annapolis

When: November 3-5, 2016
Where: Annapolis, MD
Room rate: $189

Conference Program

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Susan McElrath (American University) [email protected] and Amanda May (Library of Congress) [email protected]

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs: Arian Ravanbakhsh (National Archives and Records Administration) [email protected] and Kristine Kaske-Martin [email protected]

Spring 2016 - Pittsburgh

When: April 14-16, 2016
Where: Pittsburgh, PA
Hotel: Omni William Penn Hotel
Room rate: $159

Conference Program

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Emily Cottle (Winthrop Group) [email protected] and Rachel Grove Rohrbaugh (Elizabethtown College) [email protected]

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs: David Grinnell (University of Pittsburgh) [email protected] and Molly Tighe (Chatham University) [email protected]


Fall 2015 - Roanoke

When:  October 8-10, 2015
Where: Roanoke, VA
Hotel:   Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center 
Room rate: $172

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs: Linda Angle Miller (Roanoke College) [email protected] and Beth Harris (Hollins University) [email protected] 

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Caringola (University of Maryland) [email protected] and Jessica Johnson (Virginia Commonwealth University) [email protected] 


Spring 2015 - MARAC/NEA Joint Conference

When:  March 19- 21, 2015
Where: Boston, Massachusetts
Hotel:   Boston Park Plaza
Room rate: $159

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chair: Katy Rawdon (Temple University) [email protected]

Program Committee Co-Chair: Sharmila Bhatia (National Archives & Records Administration) [email protected]


Fall 2014 - Baltimore

When: October 16-18, 2014
Where: Baltimore, Maryland
Hotel: Embassy Suites Baltimore
Room rate: $169

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Committee Tri-Chairs: Lindsey Loeper (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) [email protected], Nadia Nasr (Towson University) [email protected], and Valerie Addonizio(Johns Hopkins University) [email protected]

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Arian Ravanbakhsh (National Archives & Records Administration) [email protected] and Laura Drake Davis (James Madison University) [email protected]

Spring 2014 - Rochester

When: April 24-26, 2014
Where: Rochester, New York
Hotel: Hyatt Regency Rochester
Room rate: $123

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs: Lori Birrell (University of Rochester) [email protected] and Brian Keough (University at Albany-Suny) [email protected]

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Geof Huth (New York State Archives) [email protected] and Susan Kline (Columbia University) [email protected]; Assistant Co-Chair: Geoff Williams (University at Albany-SUNY) [email protected]


Fall 2013 - Philadelphia

When: November 7-9, 2013
Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hotel: Hyatt Regency at Penn's Landing
Room rate: $169

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs: Lisa Mangiafico (Soroptimist International) [email protected] and Valerie-Anne Lutz (American Philosophical Society Library) [email protected]

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Laurie Rizzo (Hagley Museum and Library) [email protected] and Charles Greifenstein (American Philosophical Society Library) [email protected]

Sponsors: The Regional Digital Imaging Center at the Athenaeum of Philadelphia, Backstage Library Works, Drexel University - The College of Computing and Informatics, Temple University Libraries


Spring 2013 - Erie

When: April 25-27, 2013
Where: Erie, Pennsylvania
Hotel: Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel and Bayfront Convention Center
Room rate: $149

Conference Program

Sister Joan D. Chittister's plenary address

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs: Jane Ingold (Penn State Erie) [email protected] and Debora Rougeux (University of Pittsburgh) [email protected]

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Jessica E. Johnson (Virginia State University) [email protected] and Charlotte Sturm (University of Maryland) [email protected]

Sponsors: Backstage Library Works, Penn State University Libraries, University of Pittsburgh (University Library System)


Fall 2012 - Richmond

When: October 25-27, 2012
Where: Richmond, Virginia
Hotel: Omni Richmond Hotel
Room rate: $139

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs: Jodi Koste (Virginia Commonwealth University) [email protected] and Margaret Kidd (Virginia Commonwealth University) [email protected]

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Vin Novara (University of Maryland) [email protected] and Joanne Archer (University of Maryland) [email protected]

Sponsors: Atlas Systems, Backstage Library Works, Norfolk Southern, Preservation Technologies


Spring 2012 - Cape May

When: April 12-14, 2012
Where: Cape May, New Jersey
Hotel: Congress Hall
Room rate: $159

Conference Program

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs: Rita Fulginiti (Cape May County Clerk's Office) [email protected] and Diana Hevener (Cape May County Clerk's Office) [email protected]

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Bob Golon (Princeton Theological Seminary) [email protected] and Alan Delozier (Seton Hall University Special Collections/Archives) [email protected]