Awards Committee

The Awards Committee was established by a vote of the membership in 2015 in approving new Bylaws for MARAC.

Mission and Goals

The primary purpose of the Committee is to coordinate the activity of the Arline Custer Award Committee, the Distinguished Service Award Committee, the Finding Aids Award Committee, and the Scholarship Committee.


The Committee establishes deadlines for nominations and applications for the various awards and scholarships. The Committee reviews overall criteria and procedures for the various scholarships and awards and recommends appropriate changes. The Committee recommends new awards, revisions to existing awards, and the discontinuation of awards for consideration and vote by Steering Committee. When new awards are approved by Steering, the Committee is responsible for drafting appropriate criteria and procedures. The Committee coordinates the activities of the various awards and scholarship committees to ensure consistency and fairness in operations.


The Committee consists of five members. The Awards Committee Chair is elected by ballot to a three-year term. The other four members of the Committee are the Senior Co-Chair of the Arline Custer Award Committee, the Senior Co-Chair of the Finding Aids Award Committee, the Chair of the Distinguished Award Committee, and the Senior Co-Chair of the Scholarship Committee.

Members Term Ends
Kira Dietz, Chair Summer 2025
Tyler Stump, Arline Custer Senior Co-Chair Summer 2024
Sara Borden, Distinguished Service Chair Summer 2024
Laura Bell, Finding Aids Senior Co-Chair Summer 2024
Christine Ameduri, Scholarship Senior Co-Chair Summer 2024


Last revised November 2023