Steering Committee

Submit Proposals to Steering Committee

Use this form to submit ideas, concerns, or other proposals for Steering Committee to consider. Proposals are discussed by Steering under New Business at the next scheduled committee meeting after the date of submission.


The officers of the conference shall be Chair, Chair-elect, Meetings Coordinator, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Steering Committee shall consist of the officers, one (1) State Representative from each state represented by the Conference and the District of Columbia and four (4) Members-at-Large. Conference officers and Members-at-Large shall be elected at large, while individual State Representatives shall be elected only by the members of the respective state and district caucuses. Steering Committee members shall serve for two (2) year terms, except those elected to fill one-year vacancies.

Members can request use of the MARAC Zoom account to host committee meetings. Submit form at Zoom Meeting Request.