Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee was formally established by the MARAC Steering Committee in 2017. The creation of this committee followed from the approval by membership vote of an amendment to the Bylaws for MARAC in June 2018.

Mission and Goals

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee will facilitate, sponsor, and promote diversity and inclusiveness within the archival profession in general, and the meetings and activities of MARAC particularly. See our Definition and Statement on Diversity.


The Committee shall develop, coordinate, and support initiatives that will enhance and support the values and goals expressed in MARAC’s diversity and inclusion statement. The Committee shall identify ways to build and maintain an inclusive organization where differences of opinion, beliefs, and values are sought, listened to, respected, and valued. The committee shall provide resources, consultation, and feedback to MARAC members in order to support their efforts toward building and maintaining an inclusive, welcoming environment within the organization. The committee shall serve as on-site coordinators for inclusion and diversity efforts at MARAC meetings.


The Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator, who is elected by the MARAC membership to a 3-year term, shall serve as Committee Chair. The other 3 members are appointed by the MARAC Chair-elect to 2-year terms. Members may be reappointed for a second term.


Report to Steering, October 8, 2015
Report to Steering, January 28, 2016
Report to Steering, April 14, 2016
Report to Steering, November 3, 2016
Report to Steering, January 27, 2017
Final Report to Steering, April 20, 2017
Resource list

Members Term Ends
Josue Hurtado, Chair &Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator Summer 2021
Rayna Andrews Summer 2022
Marci Bayer Summer 2022
Alissa Zawoyski Summer 2022


Last revised July 2020