Education Committee

Mission and Goals

The primary purpose of the Committee is to facilitate, sponsor, and promote educational offerings to archivists in the MARAC region.


The Committee shall develop, coordinate, and oversee workshops offered in conjunction with the fall and spring meetings, and shall also offer workshops at other times and locations throughout the year. The Committee shall develop other programs, activities, and resources that support the organization’s members; these may include webinars, online resource lists and bibliographies, book and article reviews, post-meeting round-ups, and other activities that enhance the educational experience of archivists in the MARAC region.

The Committee shall submit a written report of its activities and any recommendations to the Steering Committee at least twice a year.

Operations Manual

Detailed descriptions of committee responsibilities and work timelines can be found HERE.


The Committee consists of up to five members appointed by the MARAC Chair-elect. The committee members should have experience with archival education, broadly defined, and should reflect the diversity of the MARAC membership. Committee members shall serve two-year staggered terms, and may be reappointed for a second term.


Contact the 2023-2024 Chair, Colleen Bradley-Sanders[email protected]

Members Term Ends
Colleen Bradley-Sanders, Chair Summer 2025
Elizabeth Wilkinson, Workshop Coordinator Summer 2024
Mae Casey Summer 2024
Melissa Erlandson Summer 2025
Karolina Lewandowska Summer 2025
Amy McDonald Summer 2025


Last revised June 2023