Communications Committee

The Communications Committee was formally established by the MARAC Steering Committee in 2016. The creation of this committee followed from the approval by membership vote of new Bylaws for MARAC in November 2015.

Mission and Goals

The purpose of the committee is to manage the publicity activities of the organization as a way to share information among current MARAC members and to coordinate outreach and advocacy activities as a way to connect with scholars, researchers, decision-makers, and others among the general public with an interest in the preservation and use of historical records.


The Committee is responsible for the following activities:

  • Manage and assess the ongoing development of MARAC’s use of social media (including the MARAC blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook page).
  • Manage and assess MARAC’s existing and future publications, including the Mid-Atlantic Archivist, technical leaflets, and publications that may result from conference sessions.
  • Seek and implement new means of communicating with members and non-members as needed.
  • Solicit feedback as needed on MARAC communication and outreach initiatives.
  • Coordinate MARAC’s annual Archives Month activities, including selecting and communicating the Archives Month theme.
  • Provide marketing for MARAC publications and social media accounts.
  • Coordinate advertising and exhibiting at appropriate meetings of other professional associations (e.g. the SAA Annual Meeting).
  • Oversee MARAC’s branding, including reviews as needed and any necessary refreshing.
  • Insure that content on the MARAC website is accurate and current.
  • Work with the Membership Committee on joint marketing initiatives (e.g. providing MARAC logo merchandise or promotional giveaways) and general communications with members.
  • Advise Steering and any other appropriate MARAC committees on matters related to communications.

Operations Manual

Detailed descriptions of committee responsibilities and work timelines can be found HERE.


The Committee consists of up to 9 members appointed by the MARAC Chair-elect. The committee members should have experience with or an interest in outreach activities and should reflect the diversity of the MARAC membership. Committee members shall serve two-year terms, and they may be reappointed for a second term.

Members Term Ends
Molly Tighe, Co-Chair Summer 2023
Michael P. Martin, Co-Chair  Summer 2024
Missy Nerino, MAA Editor Summer 2023
Lara Szypszak, MAA Assistant Editor Summer 2024
Carolyn Friedrich, MAA Advertising Editor Summer 2023
Alex Japha, Technical Leaflets Editor-in-Chief Summer 2023
Heidi Abbey Moyer, Technical Leaflets Editorial Board Summer 2023
Kathleen Donahoe, Social Media Coordinator Summer 2023
Diane Wunsch, Techical Leaflets Editorial Board Summer 2022
Kevin Clair, MARAC Secretary ex-officio
Sara Predmore, MARAC Administrator ex-officio


Last revised November 2022