Certifications & Continuing Education

Continuing education is necessary in many professions and archiving is no different. The list of certifications below is not exhaustive but represents the most sought after options.

Society of American Archivists
The Society of American Archivists currently offers two certificate programs designed to provide archivists and those working in the archives field with the opportunity to expand their skill sets and advance professionally. The SAA also maintains a Directory of Archival Education.

Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) Certificate

Designed to provide you with the practical knowledge and application tools you need to manage the demands of born-digital records. 

Arrangement & Description (A&D) Certificate

Designed to provide you with more in-depth description training to expand on the skill sets achieved in graduate level education, or to support career transitions within the archival field.

Academy of Certified Archivists

The Academy of Certified Archivists administers an a certification exam to prove that archivists' skills meet a universal standard. A Certified Archivist has demonstrated knowledge of the entire scope of accepted archival practice, not limited to the direct experience of past job performance. Certified Archivists are ready for any archival contingency that might emerge midway through a project

Other Organizations & Associations

Training and continuing education are offered by other archival organizations and associated professional groups.

Last revised October 2023