Technical Leaflet Series

The Technical Leaflet Series consists of member-authored guides that provide practical instruction for specific archival tasks not commonly addressed in professional literature.

Current editors

Alex Japha, Editor-in-Chief
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Heidi Abbey Moyer, Editor
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Technical leaflets

No. 13 (2018): Compiling a Disaster Plan for Archival Collections, Elizabeth Shepard

No. 12 (2018): Digital Exhibitions: Concepts and Practices, Grace L. Barth, Laura Drake Davis, Amanda Mita

No. 11 (2004): Architectural Records: Arrangement, Description, and Preservation, Susan Hamburger

No. 10 (1999): Understanding the Record-Keeping Practices of Scientists, Kalpana Shankar

No. 9 (1994): Photograph Preservation: Basic Methods of Safeguarding Your Collection, Peter Mustardo and Nora Kennedy

No. 8 (1992): Archival Sampling: A Method of Appraisal and a Means of Retention, James Gregory Bradsher and Bruce I. Ambacher

No. 7 (1992): Identifying and Handling Classified Documents in Archives [obsolete], Kenneth Schlessinger and Marvin F. Russell

No. 6 (1990): Involving Volunteers in Archives, David W. Carmicheal

No. 5 (1990): Developing Archival Exhibitions, Shawn Aubitz and Gail F. Stern

No. 4 (1989): Processing Congressional Collections, Mary Boccaccio and David W. Carmicheal

No. 3 (1989): Planning for Archival Programs: An Introduction, Bruce W. Dearstyne

No. 2 (1989): Computing the Total Cost of Archival Processing, Thomas Wilsted

No. 1 (1989): Appraisal of Social Welfare Case Files [obsolete], Thomas E. Mills