Suffrage Legacies:
Civil Rights, Political Activism, and Archives

Virtual Conference April 12-16, 2021
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The Virtual Local Arrangements and Program Committees welcome MARAC to a completely online conference experience for spring 2021. The conference theme is “Suffrage Legacies: Civil Rights, Political Activism, and Archives.” This program is based on the Spring 2020 Harrisonburg meeting, which was MARAC’s first conference cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 marked significant anniversaries of both the 15th (1870) and 19th (1920) Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. These amendments profoundly influenced individual voting rights, while leaving much unfinished civil rights and social justice work to be accomplished, continuing today. Sessions at this conference reflect the fact that many archival and cultural institutions commemorated these anniversaries in 2020, made accessible records related to voting rights and civil rights activism, and highlighted collections documenting American politics and society in this presidential election year.

Changing from our customary two-day conference format, the Programming and Local Arrangements committees have spread the meeting out over five half days, two taking place in the morning and three in the afternoon (Eastern Standard Time).  We hope this will make sessions available to the greatest possible number of colleagues, accommodating a variety of work schedules, caregiving situations, and the ever-present risk of “Zoom fatigue.”

In keeping with the virtual nature of the conference, the program is available exclusively online at Spring 2021 Conference Program.

Event Schedule

Schedule is available on SCHED at Anyone can view the schedule, however, only registered attendees with SCHED accounts can access the Zoom links and take advantage of SCHED's personalized functions.

Registrants with existing SCHED accounts can login and find the MARAC conference in their profile under My Events. Those needing to create a SCHED account should have received an invitation from SCHED allowing them to register.

Daily emails will be sent by MARAC starting April 9th that will contain the next conference day's schedule and Zoom links. MARAC, however, cannot guarantee that messages will make it through organizational security filters or not go to spam. We strongly recommend registering with SCHED for an uninterrupted conference experience.

Virtual Poster Presentations are being shared as an asynchronous playlist presentation available at any time during the conference at encourage you to leave feedback for our poster presenters, many of whom are students and emerging scholars. The posters will remain online after the conference.

New to SCHED? Tutorial is available at Need an invitation? Request one from Sara Predmore at [email protected].

Session Recordings

Recordings of sessions will be available through MARAC's archives at the Digital Repository at the University of Maryland (DRUM) after the conference.  Attendees will be notified when recordings become available. More information about MARAC's archives is available here.

Code of Conduct

MARAC is committed to providing a harassment-free environment for its members and others who participate in its conferences, events, and meetings. All attendees are required to comply with our Code of Conduct.

Contact the Virtual Meeting Planners

Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs

  • John Zarillo, Georgetown University, [email protected]
  • Deb Schiff, The College of New Jersey

Program Committee Co-Chairs


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