MARAC Outreach Committee

Mission and Goals
The Committee is responsible for recommending, supervising, and coordinating MARAC outreach activities including advocacy and outreach to scholars, researchers, the general public, and others concerned with the preservation and use of historical records. The Committee reviews promotional materials for MARAC and advises the Steering Committee on such material.

The Committee consists of up to nine members, including one at-large Steering Committee member appointed by the MARAC Chair. Committee members shall serve two-year staggered terms and may be reappointed.

last revised May 2013


Heidi N. Abbey -- Chair
(Spring 2013-Spring 2015)

Penn State University
351 Olmsted Drive
Harrisburg Library
Middletown, PA 17057

TEL: 717/948-6056
FAX: 717/948-6757
Barbara Anne Beaucar
(Spring 2012-Spring 2014)

The Barnes Foundation
300 North Latch's Lane
Merion, PA 19066

TEL: 610/667-0290
FAX: 610/664-4026
Valerie Wingfield
(Spring 2012-Spring 2014)

New York Public Library
Manuscripts Division
521 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

TEL: 212/714-8585
FAX: 212/268-9129

Elizabeth Scott
(Spring 2013-Spring 2015)

Archivist/Records Management Librarian
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
616 N. Highland Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

TEL: 412/924-1353


John LeGloahec -- MARAC Chair -- Ex-Officio
(Spring 2013-Spring 2015)

Archives Specialist
National Archives and Records Administration
Electronic Records Division
8601 Adelphi Road (Suite 5320)
College Park, MD  20740

(W) 301/837-3140
(C) 301/641-3425


Jennifer Davis McDaid -- At Large
(Spring 2013-Spring 2015)

Historical Archivist
Norfolk Southern Corporation
Three Commercial Place
Norfolk, Virginia 23510

TEL: 757/823-5325 work
FAX: 757/613-6982 cell

Lori Birrell
(Fall 2011-Fall 2013)
University of Rochester

TEL: 203/246-9240

Sarah Malcolm
(Fall 2013-Fall 2015)
Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library

TEL: 845/486-1988 





MARAC Service Awards Eligibility and Selection Criteria
Before the fall and spring meeting Steering Committee members will vote to select individuals who will receive a MARAC service award during the upcoming meeting. Persons eligible for presentation to the committee for a vote are as follows:

  1. Persons elected to the office of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasury who faithfully discharge their official duties in good faith for the full term of their office.

  2. Because the fall and spring MARAC conferences are the foundation for the sustainability of MARAC, the chairs of the program and local arrangements committees for the MARAC meetings who faithfully discharge their official responsibilities.

  3. At-large members, caucus representatives, or committee chairs who perform outstanding service to MARAC beyond his/her official responsibilities by implementing a new service, completing a special project, or expending large amounts of time and energy in service to MARAC. A MARAC Steering Committee member must make the recommendation and submit a statement of support to the committee before the vote.

  4. Individuals who provide exceptional service to ensure the success of the spring or fall meeting and are recommended by chairs of the program or local arrangements chairs. The chairs must submit a statement of support to the steering committee before the vote.

  5. Persons not members of MARAC or MARAC members who do not fall within the categories listed in 1-4 above, who have volunteered (without remuneration) their energy and talents over an extended period of time to advance the mission of MARAC. Any MARAC member can make the recommendation and submit a statement of support to the steering committee before the vote.

The Outreach Committee has completed two brochures available here to download in PDF:

Teaching with Primary Documents
by Rick Blondo
cover image from the Teaching with Primary Documents brochure
Download a PDF version of this brochure.
Research in Archival Institutions
by Paula Nassen Poulos
cover image from the Research in Archival Institutions brochure
Download a PDF version of this brochure.

For questions about the brochures, contact:

Rick Blondo
National Archives at College Park
User Services Division (NNUC)
8601 Adelphi Road, Room 3360
College Park, MD 20740-6001

Archives Month
American Archives Month is intended to raise public awareness about the importance of historic documents and records. Hopefully this project will grow over time into a fully coordinated nationwide effort to promote the value of archives and the importance of archivists.

To celebrate Archives Month in the MARAC region, the Steering Committee designated the month of October for activities. Please see Archives Month in the MARAC region to see events from the current Archives Month and from previous ones