New Jersey Caucus

The New Jersey Caucus of MARAC welcomes you! The Caucus is comprised of professionals representing state, county, and municipal governmental agencies, colleges and universities, public libraries and historical societies, medical, religious, ethnic, and other public and private organizations. Students are also welcomed and encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities we offer. We gather several times throughout the year for meetings and tours of institutions, and serve as a forum for news relating to MARAC and New Jersey archives, library, history and other topics. Please join our Facebook Group for current events and news of interest. We look forward to meeting you!

Caucus Representative

Laura M. Poll

Trentoniana, Trenton Free Public Library
Trenton, NJ
TEL: 609-392-7188

News & Upcoming Events

The New Jersey Caucus is excited to welcome MARAC to Newark in April 2017. See our website for all the latest news:


The New Jersey Caucus’s Innovative Archives Award is given to an organization that has provided exemplary leadership or service to the archival community and residents of the state. It may also honor a local, county, or regional organization, either for long-term leadership or service, or for outstanding effort demonstrated in a given year. Nominees may have developed innovative educational or outreach models utilizing archival sources, provided leadership during a time of emergency or crisis, demonstrated new thinking in finding a solution to an issue or problem, or exhibited creativity in increasing awareness of local history resources among New Jersey residents and visitors. Deadline for nominations is April 15.

Criteria | Nomination Form


The Caucus is also a co-sponsor of the Paul A. Stellhorn Undergraduate Paper in New Jersey History Award. There are one or more awards in two categories, one for course or seminar papers, and the other for senior theses. The deadline for nominations is June 1. Visit the New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance website for award criteria:

Special Programs

CAPES - Caucus Archival Projects Evaluation Service

A Special Program of the New Jersey Caucus of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC), made possible by a grant from the New Jersey Historical Commission (NJHC), Department of State.

Many organizations in New Jersey hold unique and valuable archival collections but don't know how to manage them. The New Jersey Caucus of MARAC has assisted hundreds of repositories through the CAPES program since 1989.


CAPES' mission is twofold:

1. Provide small local archives, libraries, historical societies, agencies, and other non-profit private organizations with assistance from professional archivists in evaluating, organizing and preserving their archival materials. The records under consideration must relate to the history of New Jersey in some fashion. These consultations may include addressing issues in archival administration, collection development, preservation management, disaster preparedness, arrangement and description, staff training, exhibit preparation, publications, grant writing, reformatting of original materials (i.e. microfilming or digitization), and public programs.

2. Assess potential grant applications for archival projects prior to their submission to grant funding agencies (e.g. NJHC, New Jersey State Library, and the National Historical Publications and Records Commission). CAPES applicants need not have a grant project in mind in order to apply for a CAPES evaluation.


Under this program, CAPES consultants will:

  1. Visit eligible organizations.
  2. Assess each organization's needs.
  3. Evaluate the feasibility of proposed archival projects.
  4. Issue a report with recommendations specific to each applicant.
  5. Train staff or volunteers in archival practices.
  6. They may also provide assistance in writing grant applications.


The CAPES service is free of charge to the recipient organization. The service is available to both public and private organizations, but the collections to be evaluated must be accessible to the public. Most institutions funded by the state or federal government are not eligible for the CAPES service. CAPES consultants do not evaluate artifacts. (Note: For artifact evaluation, the New Jersey Association of Museums offers the Artifact Assessment Program, which is based on CAPES.)

There is no application deadline.


For more information and an application form, visit:

Or, write to:
c/o New Jersey Historical Commission
P.O. Box 305
Trenton, NJ 08625-0305
TEL: 609/292-6062
FAX: 609/633-8168

Contact the current CAPES Coordinator:
Frederic Pachman

To obtain the most recent CAPES Coordinator report contact Mr. Pachman directly.

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