MARAC Ad Hoc Committees


Beginning in 2012, former MARAC Chair Danna Bell and her successor MARAC Chair Ed Galloway, undertook a systematic review of the MARAC Operations Manual and created a new manual and an associated MARAC Wiki to assist with the effective running of the MARAC organization.  In Spring 2013, following the election of John LeGloahec as MARAC Chair, the focus shifted from the operations of MARAC to a review of the MARAC Committee structure to identify efficiencies and opportunities for streamlining the work of the organization.

At the Summer 2013 MARAC Steering Committee Meeting, LeGloahec appointed a Task Force to look at the existing MARAC Committee structure.  The Task Force was headed by MARAC Member-at-Large Amy Schindler and was comprised of MARAC Treasurer Jim Gerencser, Member-at-Large Rebecca Goldman, Electronic Resources Committee Chair Arian Ravahbakhsh, and Virginia Caucus Representative Laura Stoner.

The Task Force submitted its first round of proposals at the Fall 2013 Steering Committee meeting in Philadelphia and those items not requiring a change to bylaws or MARAC’s Governing Documents were approved.  Following a survey to all members of committees, a second round of proposals were discussed at the Winter 2014 MARAC Steering Committee and approved.

At the Spring 2014 MARAC Meeting in Rochester, New York, the final proposals that require bylaws changes were discussed.  It was determined at that meeting to establish an Ad Hoc Committee on Bylaws Revisions, which was established at the Summer 2014 Steering Committee.  The Committee is chaired by former MARAC Chair Lisa Mangiafico, and is comprised of former MARAC Treasurer Jim Gerencser, former Chair of the Task Force on MARAC Committees Amy Schindler, MARAC Member-at-Large David D’Onofrio, and District of Columbia Caucus Representative Andrew Cassidy-Amstutz.  MARAC Parliamentarian Dawn Fairchild will serve the committee in an advisory capacity.


Baltimore Fall 2014 Conference - Town Hall Meeting Documents

The documents below detail the specific changes to current MARAC documents and give a rationale for the proposed change prior to the Baltimore Town Hall Meeting.

Draft MARAC Governing Document

Associated Chart

Town Hall Meeting Minutes Draft from 10-17-14


Boston Spring 2015 Conference – Bylaws Revision Documents—Saturday Lunch Discussion (12:45-1:30 pm)

The documents below provide a report on the work of the Ad Hoc Committee for Bylaws Revisions, including a new draft of a proposed revision to MARAC’s governing documents, and articles prepared by the committee that provide background on the revision itself and what is in the proposed revision.    (Be sure to print or download to your device as hardcopies will NOT be available on-site in Boston.)

Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Bylaws Revision

Draft 2 for Member Comment with Steering Committee Requested Options for Chair terms

Why Revise?  article

Leadership and Vacancies article

Background on Committee Structure article

Boston Lunch Discussion Meeting Minutes Draft

Roanoke 2015 Conference – Bylaws Revision Documents—Friday Town Hall and Saturday Business Meeting

The documents below provide a report on the work of the Ad Hoc Committee for Bylaws Revisions, including the draft presented to and approved by the MARAC Steering Committee for presentation as the final proposal for discussion in Roanoke.  (Be sure to print or download to your device as hardcopies will NOT be available on-site in Roanoke.)

Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Bylaws Revision

Steering Committee Approved Draft (clean)

Steering Committee Approved Draft (with markup)


Final Governing Documents Revision for Member Approval by Ballot

The proposed revision approved by the Steering Committee, and posted above, was sent to all members in September.   At the Business Meeting in Roanoke, the members amended that proposal in Article I Name, by adding “or MARAC” at the end of the sentence.  Below you will find the final proposal for member vote by ballot.  

Final Proposal to Revise MARAC’s Governing Documents 


Bylaws Revision Vote Final Results - Chair Message 11/19/2015

The votes are in and the MARAC Bylaw revisions have passed.  There were 297 votes cast with 288 "yes" and 9 "no" votes. The new revised MARAC Bylaws will go into effect July 1, 2016 and there are several issues that need to be addressed to make this a smooth transition.  In order to plan for this transition, I have appointed Danna Bell, former MARAC Chair, to lead the Bylaws Transition Team.


My sincere thanks go out to those who served on the Ad Hoc Committee on the Revision of MARAC’s Governing Documents, including Committee Chair Lisa Mangiafico, and Committee members Andrew Cassidy-Amstutz, David D’Onofrio, Jim Gerencser, and Amy Schindler.  Thank you to former MARAC Parliamentarian Dawn Fairchild, who served the committee in an advisory capacity, and special thank you to John LeGloahec, my predecessor as MARAC Chair, for his hard work and dedication to this effort.  Most importantly, I am especially grateful for the feedback from MARAC members, because an integral part of any successful and strong organization is the participation and feedback of the membership.


Brian Keough

MARAC Chair, 2015-2017